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About GnomeTech
Do you enjoy blowing things up? Homicidal robots? Armies of demonic murlocs? Comparative analysis of pre-war gnomish literary poetry? Delicious grilled tauren burgers? Then GnomeTech might be for you!

The Gnomeregan Technical Institute, or GnomeTech for short, is the most respected research institution in all of gnomish education. At GnomeTech, you’ll study with world-renowned faculty, in state-of-the-art facilities, with the brightest young minds of Azeroth. At GnomeTech, you can study anything you want, from pyrotechnic engineering to troll anthropology. We’re always looking for new talent, so don’t hesitate to apply any time of the semester.

GnomeTech accepts students from all backgrounds, not just gnomes. After all, diversity is key to intellectual growth. Besides, we need humans and elves to reach things on high shelves when our claw machines break down.

Roleplaying at GnomeTech
GnomeTech is Emerald Dream’s oldest roleplaying guild, founded at the server’s opening in September 2005. We’re a well known and widely admired part of the Alliance roleplaying community. GnomeTech is best known for its regular public roleplay events, including parties, parades, dances, banquets, races, raids, mock trials, plays, stand-up comedy, summits, and many more. We strive to make the community a better place with our public social events, roleplaying activities, and outreach to beginners.

Roleplay is GnomeTech’s primary objective. As a member, you’ll be invited to participate in creative, original storylines, conversations, and events. Our focus is always on fun, and we never take ourselves too seriously; at GnomeTech, outrageous, outlandish, unrealistic stories are the norm. We’re never afraid to bend the rules for the sake of fun and originality, though never at the expense of quality and courtesy. We strive to be as welcoming, friendly, and helpful as possible, especially for motivated beginners.

Other Opportunities
While our focus is on roleplay, GnomeTech brings its unique eccentric passion to all areas of gameplay. While GnomeTech is not and never will be a progression-oriented guild, we have a large complement of max-level players who enjoy questing, exploring, and fighting together. We occasionally sponsor casual raids, and regularly visit older content for fun and treasure.

A fairly large portion of the Institute’s research and development budget goes to military engineering. We’re happy to contribute both our technology and our membership to the fight against the Horde. GnomeTech’s fun-loving quirkiness finds its way into our PvP, from our all-gnome arena team to our tauren-meat hunts in Mulgore.

Joining GnomeTech

Our requirements are as follows:
1. You must be an enthusiastic roleplayer, and
2. You must be a generally pleasant person.

That’s it! We accept any race, class, level, playstyle, and experience level. Casual players, alts, and beginners are welcome!

There are two ways to apply:
1. (Preferred) Contact a recruiter for an in-game, in-character interview. Players with rank Headmistress, Madman, and Brainiac are authorized to conduct interviews and admit new members; you can find a list in the Directory tab. The recruiter will meet you in a convenient location and you'll have the opportunity to talk about yourself and ask questions.
2. If you're unable to do an in-game interview, you can fill out the application form on this website. You'll be asked to answer several essay questions. An officer will review your application and notify you if you've been admitted. You'll then need to contact a recruiter in-game to be invited.

Applicants will be evaluated based on their enthusiasm, personality, and basic communication skills, not based on roleplaying experience or ability. Don't worry, our recruiters don't bite... well, maybe the worgen, but it's a sign of affection.

Contact Us
Email: gnometech at gmail
Twitter: @GnomeTechED
Google+: GnomeTech
YouTube: GnomeTech